Croissant: Black Walnut Bakery

About the Store Black Walnut Bakery is a small bakery and cafe in Minneapolis that started at a Farmers’ Market, moved to a pop-up model, and finally established a more permanent location in 2020. The Croissant The croissants from Black Walnut Bakery are straight with a medium-high peak. There’s a staircase effect from where the … Read more

Croissant: La Boulangerie Marguerite

About the Store La Boulangerie Marguerite, formerly PJ Murphy Bakery, is a small bakery in Saint Paul, MN that claims to have been open over 100 years. I visited The Croissant The croissants at La Boulangerie Marguerite have their ends curved completely inward, at which point they fuse with the main body of the croissant. … Read more

Croissant: Sun Street Breads

About the Store Sun Street Breads is a bakery and cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The owner says “We are an artisan bakery and cafe, offering made-from-scratch breads, pastries, rolls, cookies and treats, as well as a full hot breakfast and lunch menu.” It opened while I was living in the area, around 2011 if I … Read more

Croissant: Patisserie Margo

About the Store Patisserie Margo is a pastry/baking/bread shop in Edina, Minnesota. I discovered it in 2018/2019 when searching for good croissants, but before I started my croissant project. The Croissant The croissants at Patisserie Margo are mostly straight, showing the hint of a curve, and they have a peak which I consider high but … Read more

Croissant: Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris

About the Store Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris is a pastry shop and online store located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specializing in French pastries, desserts, wedding cakes and catering. I discovered it mid-year 2020 when I was trying to show off French viennoiseries, and it was the starting point of my croissants project. The store is … Read more