Croissant: Detour Bakery

I forgot to take a picture of this Croissant, and wrote this review after-the-fact. About the Store Detour Bakery is an independently owned retail bakery in Southeast Denver, Colorado. I found it in January 2021 during a trip to Denver, on a morning I needed to get out and walk around. The Croissant The croissants … Read more

Croissant: La Fillette

About the Store La Fillette is a small bakery in Denver, Colorado, which styles itself as “a French inspired bakery in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver, CO.” I was brought there in January 2021 by a friend who had heard I was looking for croissants. The Croissant The croissants at La Fillette have a straight … Read more

Croissant: Reunion Bread Co / Bakery / Coffee

This review was originally written in January 2021. It was revised after a new visit in July 2021, adding more information. About the Store Reunion Bread Co is a small bakery in Denver, Colorado, offering naturally leavened bread and pastries made daily, with a few coffee drinks if desired. It’s owned by Venezuelan Ismael De … Read more

The Origin of the Croissades

Once upon a time in Minneapolis, I was hanging out with my future husband, telling him about the various details of the French1 flaky starch and butter product known as the croissant, and what makes it good. I was, admittedly, trying to annoy him by being jokingly serious about the importance of this food, and … Read more