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This review was originally written in January 2021. It was revised after a new visit in July 2021, adding more information.

About the Store

Reunion Bread Co is a small bakery in Denver, Colorado, offering naturally leavened bread and pastries made daily, with a few coffee drinks if desired. It’s owned by Venezuelan Ismael De Sousa. I was brought there in January 2021 by a friend who had heard I was looking for croissants.

The Croissant

The croissants from this bakery are a medium size, have a straight shape, and a medium peak. Their exterior is nicely, evenly browned. A few croissants have a bit of a lighter color where the layer seams show and expanded. The bottom of the croissants have darker areas where they made contact with the pan. The outer layer flakes off into small and medium crumbs. The smell is heavily of butter, with a little bit of burnt darkness from the crisping of the crust.

The croissants I’ve eaten here have all been fairly sturdy on the outside (the crust actually has some strength), but will crush without too much force. Overall I consider these croissants to have a fantastic look and shape—the first time I visited, I would have said their overall appearance and proportion match the croissant paradigm; they’re not too big, not too small, and good for a cup of coffee.

Fresh on the tray!

The interior of the croissants I had felt very airy and light. They had an airy cellular structure. In one I ate, there was more air than I’ve seen in other croissants, and in another, the structure was a bit tighter, but the result was the same: they felt light, and they had a lot of give and squishability, which speaks to the softness of the inside. The interior smells leaned heavily towards richness and butter, with a faint odor of bready fermentation aftewards.

The croissants tasted heavily of butter from the inside, and a crusty darkness from the exterior. I loved the interplay between the flavors, and the overall lightness from the air pockets. In both times I ate these croissants I got to eat them while they were fresh, and they were delicious with coffee.

Ratings & Numbers

One of my favorite croissants I’ve had in the USA. Worth the price.

Rating: 🤩
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷
Price: $4.00 (January 2021), $5.00 (July 2021)

Other Goods

This bakery makes a few different kinds of buns and pastries, all sourdough bread, and some sandwiches. They also experiment with new pastries from time to time, but their menu stays small. Try the golfeado or the pasteis de nada!


Reunion Bread Co