Croissant: La Fillette

About the Store

La Fillette is a small bakery in Denver, Colorado, which styles itself as “a French inspired bakery in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver, CO.” I was brought there in January 2021 by a friend who had heard I was looking for croissants.

The Croissant

The croissants at La Fillette have a straight shape with a high peak. Their exterior coloration is light, but not consistently. The croissant I bought had nicely browned outermost ridges but the layer seams, where the layers expanded, were very light. The exterior layer broke off into a lot of crumbs. Overall the croissant I bought looked okay, but a bit rougher and less “well put-together” than others I’ve eaten. I don’t know if was representative of the bakery, as the website shows a very different image from the one I had. Maybe their bake wasn’t consistent.

I payed a bit less attention to the structure of this croissant than of others’. I did feel the flavor didn’t particularly stand out, and the texture was more dense than other croissants I’ve eaten before. The density suggests that this croissant is more of a multi-purpose viennoiserie, usable not just a stand-alone snack, but also as the bread of a sandwich. Croissants like that feel more American to me.

Okay to eat, but not my first choice.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐
Taste Quality: 🇺🇸
Price: Around $4.00? (2021)

Other Goods

This bakery makes other pastries with flaky pastry dough, but they’re more set up to be a cafe where you can sit down and eat.


La Fillette