Croissant: La Delicious Bread

About the Store

La Delicious Bread says about itself: “A french bakery focused on making freshly baked bread and pastry everyday. Our soft and crunchy baguettes, along with all of our pastry items, are made with ingredients (such as the flour used for the dough) imported straight from France to give you an even more authentic french taste.”

The Croissant

The croissants at La Delicious Bread are straight with a medium peak. Their exterior looks pleasant, and has an even, medium brown coloring that is consistent over the whole item. They’re on the smaller size for this kind of baked good. The exterior is very flaky; there were tons of tiny crumbs after eating mine.

The inside of the croissant I ate had an open structure as I would expect. The taste left a bit to be desired, though. It didn’t taste stale, but something about it was less rich than I was expecting: a bit breadier rather than rich. In my quick notes I wrote “I can kind believe it’s legit,” so it felt somewhat French.

Inside view

There was one caveat: The croissant I had also tasted faintly like cinnamon. It mostly affected the outside, so I’m wondering if they were baked alongside a cinnamon pastry, or whether there was some dough cross-contamination. Cinnamon is a no-no for a plain croissant!

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷
Price: $2.95 (February 2021)

Other Goods

La Delicious Bread also has pains au chocolat, filled croissants, other breaded goods I don’t quite remember (but visible on their website), and small cake-like items. They also do coffee, bánh mì, and general french-like sandwiches (like saucisson-beurre!). They also have chaussons aux pommes, aka apple turnovers—something I didn’t expect to find much out of France; they tasted pretty good.

However, I don’t get a French vibe from the store. It reminded me of Japanese bakeries, in the sense that the store and pastries looked too even and well-arranged for it not to be Asian. Given the bánh mì, makes some sense.


La Delicious Bread