Croissant: Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris

About the Store

Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris is a pastry shop and online store located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specializing in French pastries, desserts, wedding cakes and catering. I discovered it mid-year 2020 when I was trying to show off French viennoiseries, and it was the starting point of my croissants project. The store is owned by Marc Heu, who devises, makes, and sells pastries with his wife and staff.

I started going to this place in the summer of 2020. This review feels overdue.

The Croissant

Marc Heu’s croissants have a straight shape with a very high peak that slopes strangely evenly. They have a dark brown exterior. Coloration is consistent as a whole. The bottom tends to be a much darker brown, almost black; this is likely because, unlike many other croissants I’ve tasted, the ones from Marc Heu are glazed with a thin coating of a neutral syrup which adds an extra touch of sweetness to the food. The glaze likely contributes to the overall browning, makes the exterior a little tougher, and also prevents the exterior from flaking off in thousands of tiny crumbs like many croissants do.

The croissants’ interior has a lot of air, but there is still enough dough to prop up the structure; in my notes I wrote that there is sufficient butter and air to make layers and lightness, but retain some density. I think that means there is a good ratio of butter to other ingredients. I would call the structure open-cell.

Overall, the croissants taste—and smell—lightly sweet on the outside (makes sense, given the glaze), and bready-with-butter on the inside. They’re pleasant, and would suit both breakfast and dessert equally depending on well you tolerate sweetness. I would not eat more than two at a time. I also note that the croissants do keep for at least a few hours.

According to staff at the store, the croissant changed slightly in 2021. It supposedly uses more butter now, though I’m not sure the taste improved.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😀
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷
Price: $2.75/3.00 (2020), $4.00 (2021)

Other Goods

You can also sometimes buy filled croissants. I’ve seen strawberry, hazelnut mousse, and pistachio; these all have colored sugar bands to signal the flavor, beautifully laid on. That inner strawberry compôte was to die for.

Marc Heu also sells pains au chocolat, pains au raisin, escargot chocolat-pistache, kouign-amann, and of course other, more sugary pastries. They have monthly special confections.


Marc Heu Patisserie Paris