Croissant: Patisserie Margo

About the Store

Patisserie Margo is a pastry/baking/bread shop in Edina, Minnesota. I discovered it in 2018/2019 when searching for good croissants, but before I started my croissant project.

The Croissant

The croissants at Patisserie Margo are mostly straight, showing the hint of a curve, and they have a peak which I consider high but not extremely so. They are quite big; there is a lot of expansion at the seams of the rolled dough. The exterior color is a nice, dark mottled brown. The color is quite consistent, though the seams are much lighter; the change of color is not unexpected, especially given how big the seams grow in the over. The outermost dark brown layer flakes off into many little crumbs.

The croissants’ interiors have a lot of air, but looks a tiny bit less airy than more “high class” croissants I’ve eaten before.

The croissants at Patisserie Margo confuse me a bit when biting into them. They don’t seem overly rich at first, and both the outer crust and the inner crumb feel quite light, but that makes me feel they’re missing something… After talking with my partner, we agreed that there is likely plenty of butter in the recipe, but there’s definitely less sugar. Maybe the lack of sugar juxtaposed with the lightness of the outer crust makes them feel less substantial than other bakers’.

I formerly found these croissants to be a little uninteresting and lacking in flavor, but this year I’m revising my opinion. They’re perfectly serviceable, and they’re quite light. Enjoy with something a bit sweeter, or be happy with the low price and lower sugar.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐/😀
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷?
Price: $2.60 (2021)

Other Goods

Patisserie Margo also sells chocolate croissants, almond croissants, apple turnovers, various small tarts, cakes, quiche, cookies, breads, and many other little things here and there that befit a place you can sit down and eat at. Beware: only the plain croissant is both named “croissant” and actually shaped like one.


Patisserie Margo