Croissant: Sun Street Breads

About the Store

Sun Street Breads is a bakery and cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The owner says “We are an artisan bakery and cafe, offering made-from-scratch breads, pastries, rolls, cookies and treats, as well as a full hot breakfast and lunch menu.” It opened while I was living in the area, around 2011 if I recall correctly.

The Croissant

The croissants sold at this bakery are called Laugen Croissants, and are finished like a pretzel. They have a very slight curvature and a proportionally high peak, though the croissants are not massive, and they are not incredibly long. Their exterior has two distinct colors: a dark chocolate brown on the outermost section, and a light golden hue where the layer seams expanded. They smell faintly of pretzels and butter. The finish makes these croissants less flaky on the outside than I would expect, and quite sturdy. Overall I find their exterior attractive; it’s a bit rough, but aesthetically pleasing.

I note that there is variation in how high the croissant peaks are. For the croissants I saw today, the outer sections of the dough which got touched by the oven heat first were quite high, and there were noticeable dips in the layer seams between them. On other days the shape was much smoother.

The interior of the croissants have an airy cell structure typical to many croissants. It is not so dense you’d want to use them as a sandwich, but still holds up well. The interior is not dry; moisture is good. It smells faintly of pretzel and yeasted dough, with a touch of richness and the aforementioned moisture. Overall appetizing.

The croissant I had today tasted light, airy, and pleasantly moist on the inside. There was a touch of sugar, overshadowed by the delicious, lightly salted pretzel taste that came from the outside. The texture was also really cool: since the exterior was a little tougher and crispier (like a pretzel, but in croissant form) than other croissants, there was a delightful interplay between the different textures. The touch of salt makes it very easy to eat.


Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😀
Taste Quality: 🇩🇪/🇫🇷
Price: $2.95 (March 2021)

Other Goods

The bakery always has a few pastries out on the counter. They typically have a turnover, a cinnamon cardamom roll, and a few more sweet and savory treats that are good for breakfast and beyond. I find all their stuff tends to taste less sweet than typical American places.


Sun Street Breads