Croissant: Bread & Chocolate

About the Store

Bread & Chocolate is a café, bakery, and lunch store in St Paul affiliated with Café Latte, a nearby cake bakery. I didn’t initially expect them to have croissants, but a quick search showed it was on their menu.

The Croissant

Right away I can tell these croissants are a bit different than others. Much like with those at La Boulangerie Marguerite, they have their ends curved completely inward such that the points fuse with themselves and the center. They have a medium peak and look puffy. Their color is a nice golden brown in two distinct shades: a darker golden brown on the sections that were most exposed to heat, and a lighter brown where the dough layers were eventually exposed. The layers are not very distinct; it looks like they stick to each other, or are able to bond together before the bake. The bottom has a mostly consistent darker brown coloration where the croissant touched the pan, though it goes very light where the points meet. The exterior of the croissant almost doesn’t flake much; the outermost brown layer is very flexible, though there is still a small amount of crisp.

The interior of my croissant had an airy structure that looked less open and more bready. It smelled yeasted and sweet, though lighter on the fat. The smell was veering very much towards a sweet bread rather than a viennoiserie, though there was also a smell of other sugary foods. I think the bakery’s other foods altered the smell of their croissants.

The croissant tasted slightly sweet and rich but, much like the smell, tasted less of fat and more of the fermentation quality that accompanies yeast. The aftertaste retained that quality. The croissant was definitely chewy inside and outside—the lack of rigidity on the outside not only reduced flakiness, but made it much easier to squash down and flatten.

This croissant is so-so to me, probably because it falls squarely into the “this is American” camp.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐
Taste Quality: 🇺🇸
Price: $3 (April 2021)

Other Goods

The bakery has a variety of American baked goods and a few filled variations on the croissant. As it’s a café and serves lunch, you can get a quick bite to eat or a drink quite easily.

The menu is slightly different at each location.


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