Croissant: Patisserie 46/Rose Street Bakery

About the Store

Patisserie 46 and Rose Street Patisserie are a family of neighborhood pastry and coffee shops in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. They are owned by John Kraus (and his wife Elizabeth Rose), a top chocolatier in the US. Also notably, they are part of Relais Desserts, an international association of pastry chefs who wish to promote French pâtisserie.

I’ve been to this place a few times in the last

The Croissant

The croissants at Patisserie 46 are straight croissants, though only on a technicality, as they have a unique shape: they are fairly short, their peak is massive, and the center bulges out. Each layer of laminated dough has greatly expanded from the rising and baking process. The color is an even medium-dark brown all over; however they make it, their bake is consistent. The exterior is a bit hard to make crumbs flake off, but when they do, the crumbs are tiny. The crust is quite sturdy and harder to crush. There is a faint smell of bread with something slightly burnt… maybe a wash of some kind?

The inside of the croissants I’ve bought from this place have always had a consistent, even aeration, though it seems a bit on the packed, less airy side than some other croissants. This holds true for the pains au chocolat as well. I’m not sure if it’s a from a less active fermentation, less butter, or something else… the interior smell is of richness and sweetness, with only a hint of yeast.

Tasting the croissants from this place is a bit odd for me: they taste dry. When I taste the inside crumb by itself, it has the flavor, richness, and moisture I would expect from a croissant, but when I enjoy the viennoiserie as a whole—crust and crumb—it leaves my mouth feeling drier than I would like. When I had a look at the pain au chocolat as well today, it had the same issue: a tight inner structure, and a dry feel. I wonder if their dough uses less butter, and is going more towards bread.

I wouldn’t avoid the croissants here (they taste okay), but I would prefer the actual pastries.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷?
Price: $3.75 (April 2021)

Other Goods

Aside from the pain au chocolat and various almond croissants, this family of bakeries is home to many fine desserts, breads, coffee drinks, and some lunchtime fare.


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