Croissant: Aki’s Bread Haus

This review feels overdue—I got to try the croissants back in January, then again in May, and after losing some photos, once more in June. It was worth it every time.

About the Store

Aki’s Bread Haus is a small bakery north of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s run by a German family, and serves delicious bread and pastries which all have a taste of what you’d find in Germany.

Their quantities of pastries are limited; come early, but not right at open, to have the best chance at buying some.

The Croissant

Aki’s Bread Haus’s croissants are a medium-small size.They have a straight shape with a pronounced, but medium, hump in the center. Their color ranges from a pretzel brown, in spots where the outside was most exposed to heat (and possibly glazed), to a pale golden yellow where less heat hit. Some areas on the bottom have the darker color. The dough layers are extremely visible from due to their expansion and separation. The outer crust is hard, but will crunch and start to flake off when you press down. Most striking, though, is that the croissants look very shaggy, a bit more so than those from Sun Street Breads, and they are not uniformly shaped. I personally like the appearance, and it doesn’t appear to me that it’s anything other than intentional.

Another thing I could tell right away is that these have way more butter in them than other croissants I’ve tasted. It stains the bag, it has a definite sheen, and you can feel the slightly greasier feel when you pick them up. You can smell it, too: the croissants have a light bread smell with a definite note of butter.

The interior of the croissants have an expansive and cavernous airy structure, which immediately lets you know that more butter was used. The innermost dough is a bit more doughy and moist, but still baked through. It smells of bread, slight fermentation, and lots of butter.

The taste of the croissant is only slightly sweet, and heavily buttery; it’s less like eating a sugary food and much more like eating a slightly sweet roll with butter… but with the texture of a croissant. The crunch of the outer shell goes well with the more doughy interior. It is delicious.

This croissant is one of my favorite croissants in Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 🤩
Taste Quality: 🇪🇺
Price: $3.50 (January-June 2021)

Other Goods

They also fantastic Sourdough breads, brötchen, slightly sweet pastries, only slightly sweet cinnamon buns, and a few savory bread things to eat. And pretzel.


Aki’s Bread Haus