Croissant: Café Cerés

This review is from notes compiled on May 9, 2021. I went back on June 4 to confirm my notes and take some photos (but I still lost some).

About the Store

Café Cerés is a cafe in Minneapolis which, in its words, “features traditional and Turkish coffees, pastries, salads and sandwiches.” The vibe is still quite American.

The Croissant

The croissants here are a medium size, have a straight shape, and a medium peak. They have two colors: medium brown on the unglazed, layered portions, and dark brown on the glazed areas. The bottom of the croissants are not light, so there was definitely heat on that pan. The outer crust is flaky; it’s got enough hardness and crisp to hold up and not crush very much. Overall I find these croissants extremely attractive; there is a good contrast to the colors, layers are very visible, and there’s a kind of rough yet intentional looseness to the way the dough is rolled up.

Interestingly, the outside smelled slightly of lightly burnt and caramelized sugar, almost like baklava. I enjoyed the smell but it was unexpected.

The inside of the croissants are incredibly airy. There are massive air pockets, like a cavern! I’m not sure if that’s due to the fermentation process or the amount of butter they use, but I can’t help but be impressed when I see something like that. The interior smells balanced, simply of a rich dough.

The taste shifts slightly depending on where you bite. The exterior tastes crustier and sweet, but the inside is quite buttery. The exterior affects the overall taste positively. Overall, it’s a balanced, quite buttery taste that is not as sweet as expected. The croissant I ate also had occasional hits of extra butter, though I’m not sure why. Due to the large air pockets, the innermost dough was still quite doughy; not unexpected.

I was quite impressed by the viennoiserie I ate here. As an added bonus, I could easily break apart and unroll the dough of my croissant! That implies definitely enough butter was used.

Photos of the croissant lost due to a problem with my phone. Sorry.

When I came back on June 4 I had a second croissant. On the side tried the pistachio croissant, which is more like a pain au chocolat with a crumbled pistachio filling, and extra sweetness. While that one’s not my favorite, it’s made as well.

I would say that I was still impressed by the viennoiseries served at this cafe on my second visit, but I was left feeling there’s definitely something about them that tastes American. Maybe it’s the kind of sweet glaze they use, or the quality of the butter. I’m not sure I’d say they’re the pinnacle of what a croissant is, but they beat everything else that tastes like them so far, and that earns them a very positive rating for their category.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 🤩
Taste Quality: 🇺🇸
Price: $3.50 (May/June 2021).

Other Goods

Bagels, other pastries made with croissant dough, coffee drinks (try the dukkah latte—made with date syrup!)


Café Cerés