Croissant: May Day Cafe

About the Store

May Day Cafe is a small cafe/bakery in the Powderhorn area of South Minneapolis. Its menu changes frequently, but it always has “The Best Croissants” on its menu. They often sell out early.

The Croissant

The croissants at May Day cafe are medium-large, and have a curved shape, with interesting points on the end. Their peak seems proportionally low, making this a more tubular croissant. They have an extremely even medium brown coloring, though it’s darker on the bottom. There are lots of bubbles on the outside, evidence of strong fermentation. The crust is a bit hard, and looks like it should crisp and flake off a lot, but there isn’t that much flakiness; it’s a lot springier to the touch than I expected. The smell is a bit odd, though: there are definitely notes of buttery baked dough (it is a bread product…), but there is another sweet smell that does not belong. I’m guessing the croissant was too close to other baked goods during or after baking.

The inside of the croissant I had showcases an airy cell structure, and there are parts of the structure that seem like they should unroll easily due to the butter layers, but there are also areas that are too dense. Indeed, this croissant is more dense to the touch than I’d like. I feel it would be good for sandwiches, but not the nicest for a snack. The interior otherwise smells of a balanced richness, sweetness and fermentation.

The croissant had a peculiar taste. It was definitely doughy, rich, and fermented, but the crust had more texture than flavor, except for the sweetness from nearby pastry contamination. I also felt like there was a slight oily film left as an after-effect. None of these made the croissant inedible, but it was definitely weird.

I had high hopes for this place, but its croissant does not measure up to the far better options in the city. It is quite cheap, though.

Ratings & Numbers

Rating: 😐
Taste Quality: 🇺🇸
Price: $2.50 (June 2021).

Other Goods

The cafe has various baked goods, meals, soups, coffee, and other drinks. Its fare is pretty eclectic.


May Day Cafe (facebook)