August 2021 update

Hello, readers—I’ve been a bit silent due to some big changes in my life.

My initial explorations into the world of croissant variety taught me many things about their composition, individual tastes, international features, and more. I got to not only appreciate the tremendous variety of options available to me, but also to share this variety with people near and dear to me.

However, I recently moved. This meant a lot of work is still needed to get settled, and I may have to clear out my small backlog to have a fresh start Everyday life comes first! However, this is not the end…

I get to continue—and this time, in France! I look forward to showcasing the diversity of the humble, yet complicated viennoiserie that I’ve grown so fond of.

My plans for this site are, thus far:

  • Rebrand the site to something a little more interesting
  • Play with the layouts, explore blog vs wiki options
  • Change my ratings system to better reflect my thoughts on European viennoiseries
  • Publish a few explanatory articles, such as the anatomy of a croissant
  • Expand to pains au chocolat and related stuff

Stay tuned!