Divines Farines, Beaulieu-sur-Mer

And we’re back, this time from France! I’m still working on the site backend but it’s time to post some croissant reviews.

About the Store

Divines Farines is a small bakery and café in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, France. It’s one of three actual boulangeries—places that actually make bread to sell—in town, and one of five places that sell croissants. However, it’s also more than just a bread shop: it also serves coffee, warm food, and even wine!

The Croissant

The croissants from Divines Farines are on the medium-to-small size. They have a straight-ish shape in that the front of the croissant is straight, but the rear curves. Their peak is a medium height when fresh, though I noticed that it may sag a little bit in the bag if you take it home. The croissants are a medium brown to darker brown depending on which parts were most exposed in the oven.

The exterior of the croissants at Divines Farines is somewhat neat; the shapes are consistent with smooth sloping, though the layers exposes themselves strongly with rough layer edges, and the twist at the ends of the croissant are very visible. The feel is attractive and artisanal.

When I got my hands on the croissant, the exterior immediately felt crispy, and it did have a clear crunch. Some bits, such as the ends, take noticeably more pressure before the crunch happens. This toughness also shows up in the flakiness. There’s a medium amount of flakes, but the strength of the exterior reduces it. The exterior glaze smells slightly sweet, and the croissant exterior smells starchy with hints of fat in the lighter brown areas. There’s a faint smell of oven burn and sweetness in dark areas, as expected.

The interior of my croissant had a very open cell structure in the middle, hinting at both a high fat content and clear signs of fermentation. The lower center has a tougher spiral of dough where it was further from the heat. With all this air, it’s not too surprising that the croissant is very squashable; The exterior crisp is thin enough to let a hand push the croissant down, but it will spring back slightly.

This croissant smelled and tasted good. The smell was mainly sweet and rich, with light traces of fermentation. The taste was balanced between a darker, crusty exterior and a rich, buttery interior that had some spring. There were noticeable tastes of butter, and I was pleasantly surprised that this croissant was even less sweet than my memories of other French croissants!

Ratings & Numbers

I had croissants from this bakery multiple times, and I really enjoy them. They’re not too big, and they’re good both with or without a drink.

Rating: 😀
Taste Quality: 🇫🇷
Price: 1.30€ (September 2021).

Other Goods

Divines Farines has more stuff! There are various baked goods—including some vegan pains au chocolat that tasted quite good—alongside lunch food, coffee, wine, and a few other snacks.


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