Croissant: May Day Cafe

About the Store May Day Cafe is a small cafe/bakery in the Powderhorn area of South Minneapolis. Its menu changes frequently, but it always has “The Best Croissants” on its menu. They often sell out early. The Croissant The croissants at May Day cafe are medium-large, and have a curved shape, with interesting points on … Read more

Croissant: Café Cerés

This review is from notes compiled on May 9, 2021. I went back on June 4 to confirm my notes and take some photos (but I still lost some). About the Store Café Cerés is a cafe in Minneapolis which, in its words, “features traditional and Turkish coffees, pastries, salads and sandwiches.” The vibe is … Read more

Croissant: Aki’s Bread Haus

This review feels overdue—I got to try the croissants back in January, then again in May, and after losing some photos, once more in June. It was worth it every time. About the Store Aki’s Bread Haus is a small bakery north of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s run by a German family, and serves delicious … Read more

Croissant: Patisserie 46/Rose Street Bakery

About the Store Patisserie 46 and Rose Street Patisserie are a family of neighborhood pastry and coffee shops in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. They are owned by John Kraus (and his wife Elizabeth Rose), a top chocolatier in the US. Also notably, they are part of Relais Desserts, an international association of pastry chefs who wish to … Read more

Croissant: Red Bench Bakery

About the Store Red Bench Bakery is a small bakery that has two locations in Minnesota: Chaska and Excelsior. One of the locations used to be the former spot for Patisserie Margo, now moved to Edina. The Croissant The croissants sold at this bakery are medium-sized, tending towards large, with a proportionally medium peak, and … Read more