Croissant: Trung Nam French Bakery

About the Store Trung Nam French Bakery is a small bakery which opened in St Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood in 1989. The family who runs the business got the recipes from when they lived in France, and they still serve strong after more than 30 years. And they’re still cash-only. The Croissant The croissants sold at … Read more

Croissant: Bread & Chocolate

About the Store Bread & Chocolate is a café, bakery, and lunch store in St Paul affiliated with Café Latte, a nearby cake bakery. I didn’t initially expect them to have croissants, but a quick search showed it was on their menu. The Croissant Right away I can tell these croissants are a bit different … Read more

Croissant: Patrick’s Bakery & Café

About the Store Patrick’s Bakery is a store with multiple locations, first opened in 2002, which offers French and French-like fare from baked goods to meals. It has two locations right now; I remember there being more a few years ago. The Croissant The croissants at Patrick’s Bakery are mostly straight with a medium length, … Read more

Croissant: Rustica Bakery

About the Store Rustica Bakery & Cafe is, as the name implies, a bakery and coffee shop in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area. It has two stores: one in St Louis Park, and one opened more recently in Edina. I was first brought there in 2018/19, but rediscovered it a few years later when seeking … Read more

Croissant: Black Walnut Bakery

About the Store Black Walnut Bakery is a small bakery and cafe in Minneapolis that started at a Farmers’ Market, moved to a pop-up model, and finally established a more permanent location in 2020. The Croissant The croissants from Black Walnut Bakery are straight with a medium-high peak. There’s a staircase effect from where the … Read more