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    This card seems to have been sent from Italy to France on 26 June 1962, or was intended to be sent around that time. Its destination would have been Nice, France.

    ITRoma 26.6.62

    Mia Cara,
    Arriverò a Nizza Venerdì 29 c.m. alle ore 10.15.
    Ti vedrò a mezzogiorno all’uscita dal lavoro
    Tuo Domenico
    ENRome 26.6.62

    My Dear,
    I will arrive in Nice on Friday, the 29th of this month at 10:15 a.m.
    I will see you at noon at the exit from work
    Your Domenico


    Nice is really close to the Italian border, so it’s not surprising something in Italian would pop up.

    Italy and Nice are close by, and this card would have been expected to arrive within two days for Domenico’s dearest to expect him at work.

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    This card was sent from Norway to France postmarked 14 July 1982. Its destination was rue Benoît Bunico, 06300, Nice. It has a 2.75 krone stamp depicting a Norwegian building, Damsgård Manor in Laksevåg.

    FRÇa y est avons atteint le Cape Nord par grand vent.
    Paysages très sauvages c’est vraiment au dépaysement … Pour la bouffe, c’est autre chose. On ne peut pas tout avoir.
    À bientôt.
    grosses bises Jaky
    ENWe’ve finally reached the North Cape by strong wind
    Very wild landscapes, a real change of scenery … When it comes to food though, that’s something different. You can’t have everything.
    Until later.
    Big kisses Jaky


    Thank you again, family at rue Benoît Bunico and friends. I hope your trips went well.

    However, this handwriting was a bit annoying to me. The g looks like an f, “es” gets shortened to an s-like character, and several characters look like they could be a few things. You kind of have to read it quickly and start guessing at common sentence structures. I had to ask for help.

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    This card was sent from Norway to France postmarked 14 June 1976. Its destination was rue Benoît Bunico, 06100, Nice. It has a 1 krone stamp depicting Norwegian geologist Theodor Kjerulf.

    FRC’est un beau voyage
    Bonnes grosses bises à tous
    ENThe trip is nice/pretty
    Nice big kisses to all


    Another card, short and sweet, to rue Benoît Bunico! That family’s trip must have been nice.